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Cerulean, once a trade capitol before the Rift appeared inside the Great Barrier, a band of sky-stabbing mountains which runs from the north coast to the south, and beyond. Situated between the bread basket countries of the south, the mineral-rich lands of the north and the artisan lands to the far west, it was indeed the ideal location to bring all these things to a common market. Centuries of peace and prosperity led to complacency in the city, the guard becoming more a parade force than actual combatants.

Then, The Rift happened — in the mid day, the sky darkened and split. A lance of blackness darker than even the dead of a moonless night speared the tallest peak of the mountains, and did not disappear. Several months afterward, the guard began encountering troubles; at first, minor things like having to scatter frequent vermin infestations (driven from the mountain passes) but it quickly escalated to physical conflicts with inhuman beings. For weeks, the Cerulean defenders held the constant waves of invaders off as best they could, losing ground daily and sometimes even hourly, until the kingdoms could rally their own defense forces and get the Council to agree to allowing not just one but three armies into their walls.

After months more of brutal combat which destroyed almost a fifth of the city in the eastern districts – once known for housing the best museums and many houses of nobility – the invaders were driven back. During this fighting, as the enemy was forced back to the outskirts of the city, they resorted to many acts of wanton destruction, stripping the land of its ability to nurture life and even of its connection to magic.

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Cerulean, bastion of eternity