Nielas Windfall


NG Human Fighter (1). Exp: 0 (250)
Size M, Move 30’, Age 19, Black hair, Blue eyes
STR 17 + 3
DEX 14 + 2
CON 18 + 4
INT 14 + 2
WIS 14 + 2
CHA 13 + 1
HP: 14 (10 base + 4 con)
AC: 16 (Scale, no shield)
+ 4 Melee/+ 3 Ranged attack bonus.
1d4 Skill die.
1d6 Martial die.
39 GP

Skills (1d4 skill die)
Knowledge (Warfare)

Long spear (+ 4 to hit, 1d8+3) 2 handed, reach
Javelin (+ 3 to hit, 1d6+2) 30’/120’, 4 shots

Equipment (94#)
Long spear (1d8 piercing, 2-handed, Reach, 5#)
4 javelins (1d6 piercing, 30/120 range, 4#16)
Scale armor (14 AC +Dex(2), Medium armor, Disad sneaking, 30#)
Adventurer’s kit (backpack, healer’s kit, mess kit, 50 feet of hempen rope, tinderbox, ten torches, ten days of rations, and a waterskin, 38#)
Clothing (adventurer’s)
Bedroll (5#)


Nielas was a conscript from a nameless western hamlet of the [BLAHBLAH] kingdom, put through basic combat survival training then rapidly shipped out to the kingdom’s active front far to the south against the kingdom of [BLAHBLAH]. As his company pushed farther south toward the DMZ they suffered more and more raiding attacks by the enemy’s forces – often striking in the dead of night, killing or injuring several people then disappearing again into the eerie calm of the plains. After several weeks of slow attrition, down by almost one-third of their men and gear, morale broke when the exhausted troops came across an actual war-ready detachment of enemy soldiers. When the enemy made to charge, the entire formation scattered in different directions. The enemy forces were able to gather most of the soldiers, however they did not view the smaller groups to be worthy of the time to chase down – exhausted, starved and demoralized, nature would eventually take its toll. Niel was in one of the straggler packs, only a group of the other four survivors from his boot camp.
They travelled as a group to the west, toward the nearest border any of them knew about, hoping to escape capture. After several nights of harrowing watches, they began to enter the rockier land of the dwarves. Figuring safety was close, they grew less careful – nobody saw signs of pursuit. On the first night, though, a small band of goblins attacked their group. Fortunately, the dwarves had a party out seeking the same but before the dwarves showed up his comrades were all disabled or killed. The dwarves took him captive, interrogating him about what their purpose was outside human lands. After a lengthy amount of interrogation, the dwarves accepted that he was indeed a deserter. As a sign of mercy, they blindfolded him and turned him out at a new border.
Being turned out on a foreign land with nothing, he followed the road to the nearest town and sought work as a caravan guard, hoping to travel even farther from his home. He has since been doing random jobs as a mercenary guard.

Nielas Windfall

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